Thinking about divorce? Pre-divorce steps you can take

June 3, 2016. Information Provided by:

 1. Get help to try and save your marriage. If you are thinking about getting a divorce, take time to consider whether or not the marriage can be saved.  

2. Get a pro to help you talk to your kids. Whether or not you decide to try counseling for your marriage or yourself, you should seriously consider talking to a mental health professional if you have children and are planning to divorce.  

3. Get your papers together. Gather information about your finances and belongings before you meet with a lawyer.  

4. Think about working together first. Consult with an attorney first to advise you the best route to take.  

5. Think before you post. You should not write anything or put any photograph on social media that you would not want the judge who ends up deciding your divorce case to read or see.  

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