How Florida Divorce Lawyers Save Their Clients Money by Using Paralegals

May 16, 2016. Information Provided by: Stann W. Givens, Esq.

Florida divorce lawyers typically charge by the hour for what they do. In order to save their clients money, they make use of paralegals to perform some tasks. A paralegal is someone who has gone to school to receive training in assisting lawyers with legal research, drafting of court documents and preparing a case for presentation to the court. Obviously, paralegals cannot give legal advice and must work under the direction of a lawyer.

One way that expert divorce lawyers use paralegals is to have them perform the initial work in preparing a financial affidavit for use in a dissolution of marriage case. They take the account statements and other documents provided by the client and place the information in the proper locations on the financial affidavit. By doing this, the lawyer need only review the work for accuracy and spend far less time on the task than otherwise would be spent. Since the hourly rates of paralegals is far less than those of lawyers, the savings can be significant.

Bottom Line: Use of paralegals by Florida divorce lawyers can save substantial money in your divorce.

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