5 Ways to Protect Children During Divorce

Article Written By: Deborah Anderson Bailis 

How will divorce impact your children? Fear of harming your children might have even been a reason you stayed in an unhappy marriage for longer than you wanted to. During this time, there are concrete ways to minimize negative impacts divorce might have on your kids and to make the transition more positive.

(1) Try an amicable alternative to litigation
Choosing to mediate or take a collaborative approach will decrease contentiousness and will likely make the process faster, meaning your children will be exposed to less acrimony and uncertainty.
(2) Insulate your children from the drama
Adjusting to life in two separate households can be very difficult for children. When they are with you, you can help them by focusing on having fun together and doing the activities they love, rather than dwelling on the divorce or pushing for details about their “other home.”
(3) Invest in a good therapist (or two!)
Soliciting the help of a therapist for your children could make a world of difference. It will give them a neutral party to speak openly with about their feelings and work through any grief, resentment, or guilt.

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7 Things You Should Never Post On Facebook When You’re Going Through A Divorce

Article Written by: Kara Wahlgren

If you’re in the midst of a divorce, keep things civil by steering clear of these all-too-tempting social media mistakes.

Mistake #1: Jumping the gun. When you’re used to sharing the minutiae of your life with everyone in your network, it may feel weird to suddenly keep mum about something so major. But discretion can help avoid hurt feelings and legal mayhem, so it’s smart to have a talk with your ex-partner about your social media strategy.
Mistake #2: Bashing your ex. Social media can provide a huge support system, but that doesn’t mean you should expect your online tribe to tear down your ex.¬†
Mistake #3: Oversharing. The internet is forever, so save the scandalous details for your closest friends and keep your online profile as drama-free as possible.

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